Whoop-Up Drive Traffic Camera – VERY Impressive!

July 15, 2012 in Did You Know, General, Lethbridge and Area, Photography, Weather, West Lethbridge, West Lethbridge Weather

WestLethbridgeWeather.Com Whoop-Up Drive Traffic Camera – up to the minute images directly from our station

July 13/12 we did the initial installation of the new Whoop-Up Drive Traffic Camera and are in the process of testing, configuring and ensuring all is in place.  Once we are set to go the,live streaming video team will take over and get us LIVE streaming VIDEO.  In addition, you will be able to select which preset view you wish to see.  The Westbound Whoop-Up Drive through the coulees, the Scenic Drive overpass, or maybe the northbound exit on to University drive and more!  This amazing camera will provide an unparallelled view from east to west Lethbridge.  http://westlethbridgeweather.com/index.html



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